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Prepping for an Alfresco Summer!

Finally winter is coming to an end and here at Whistler Grills, we simply can’t wait for warmer weather, lighter evenings and the aroma of barbecues per-meating the air! Although our Whistler Grill barbecues are built with an all year round purpose, barbecue season is undoubtedly upon us. Now is the time to prep for alfresco season and luckily for you, we’re here to give you a headstart, making sure you’re well equipped and raring to go when the warmer weather lands.

Our bespoke built-in range is exactly what you need to make your garden a barbecue hot spot this summer. Manufactured from high grade materials such as 304 stainless steel and quality control assured throughout every step, you can rest assured that our products are designed to impress and built to last. The built-in range comprises of four premium BBQ heads, complemented by a variety of built-in drawers, doors, bins and side burners to match. Our built-in range is exactly what you need to give your garden the wow factor.

Let's talk our beautiful Burford range

There’s a good reason our range of Burford built-in barbecues are our bestsellers. From the stunning stainless steel exterior to the multiple main burners nestled inside, the Burford range is the perfect high performance BBQ to amp up your barbecuing. The Burford's are the perfect high performance BBQ's to amp up your barbecuing. They’re offered in three different sizes to suit all outdoor spaces, and are premium in every aspect. Built from low maintenance 304 stainless steel throughout, these heads will form the centrepiece of your bespoke outdoor kitchen for years to come.

Coming in a smaller and more compact shape with 3 internal main burners, our Burford 3 model is highly popular amongst smaller families or couples looking for a high performance BBQ. Sizing up slightly, we have the Burford 4, we have the Burford 4 model. With 4 internal main burners, this grill is the perfect option for family gatherings who are grill crazy. This is the workhorse of the range and it’s versatility makes it the perfect solution for those looking for a decent size premium grill at an affordable price. Last but certainly not least from this range, we have the Burford 5 model. This barbecue is the flagship of the built-in range and more than competes with the top premium built-in heads in the market. Easily catering for large family gatherings, this barbecue is the ultimate grilling machine and is certainly designed to impress.

Holy smokes check out the Tetbury!

If you’re looking to create a bespoke outdoor kitchen on a budget, look no further. We’ve designed the stunning Tetbury built-in barbecue to allow you to impress your guests, for less. This grill offers a solution for those who are building an outdoor kitchen on a budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality. Beautifully crafted from 304 stainless steel with a total of 4 main burners, we are sure this barbecue won’t be beaten on quality.

Let’s get preppin’

The first step in prepping for your built-in barbecue is to take a look at the garden itself. Creating a smoking hot area in your garden is the key to having an unbeatable barbecue set up that will keep guests coming back. You’ll need somewhere flat and paved where your built-in barbecue can be installed, essentials can be stored and guests can gather. If you already have an outdoor kitchen or garden patio, make sure it's cleared of any debris that may have built up throughout the colder months. This means decluttering the area and giving it a good sweep with a brush before scrubbing with hot soapy water. We find that a classic mixture of washing up liquid and hot water works like a dream used with a hard brush. If you need something a bit more robust, a power washer will be sure to get your outdoor kitchen back to its prime. Don’t forget the freshly mowed grass for that luxurious barbecue experience!

To make sure you really can get use out of your Whistler Grill in any weather, you may want to consider adding a cover to your outdoor kitchen. We all know how wet even the summer can get here in the UK so designing an outdoor area with shelter will make sure your outdoor kitchen can be used no matter the weather. Take a look at our Instagram for some scorching hot inspiration.

Some small preparation now will help you put on sizzling summer barbecues that you’ll remember forever.