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All Things Whisky Wood Chips!

Holy Smokes! We’ve just launched a smoking hot new product that’s bound to take your BBQing to the next level! Allow us to introduce to you, our exlcusive Whisky Wood Chips. We’ve combined the authentic taste of scotch whisky with those to die for smoky barbecue flavours, to bring you a taste tantalising wood chip that will be sure to elevate your barbecue game and put some pizazz into your meat! 

These bespoke smoking chips have been crafted from authentic scotch whisky barrels, giving a distinctive, deep and delightful taste. Cooking with wood chips really does make the world of difference when it comes to grilling, as the whisky flavour creates an unmatched taste that will definitely make your guests want more! 

Why Use Smoking Wood Chips? 

Cooking with smoking chips is a must, to achieve an irresistible aroma and flavour of smoky meat. Gas barbecues tend to lack that heavenly smoky flavour that charcoal grills usually give, which is why Whistler have decided to launch smoking chips into their range. Not only enhancing flavours, these chips also create a unique aroma that will change the way you barbecue for the better! 

How To Use Smoking Wood Chips

Whisky smoking wood chips are the perfect accompaniment for your Whistler Grill barbecue and were designed specifically to sit within the specially crafted Smoker Box. Using a Smoker Box doesn’t only mean your smoking chips are kept tightly in place, but the airflow is maximised making for an optimum burn and smoke distribution throughout your grill. Whistler Grill Smoker Boxes are suitable for the Bibury and Burford models, but the whisky wood chips are versatile and can sit within any brand of Smoker Box! 

We highly recommend using Whistler wood chips when grilling goods with a short cooking time. Since they are smaller in size, you may find that you have to work harder to maintain a flame for bigger pieces of meat with a longer cooking time. There are no restrictions when it comes to incorporating smoking wood chips into your barbecuing, so if you’re wanting to grill the full butcher shop, just bear in mind you’ll need a lot of wood chips at the ready! Our tried and tested favourite is a succulent steak grilled over our whisky chips. You’ll be amazed at the difference in taste and your guests will be for sure left wanting more! 

There is much debate around whether to soak your wood chips in water before burning. Many say that soaking wood chips prevents them from burning out prematurely. Some say that by soaking the chips, you are just prolonging your optimum grilling, whilst others suggest soaking half and mixing them in with the dry wood chips. It all comes down to personal preference, why not experiment and see what works best for you? Once you’ve decided on whether to soak your wood chips, place a handful of them into the Smoker Box. Your Whistler Grill Smoker Box will fit perfectly into the slates of your grill. Wait for your wood chips to begin visibly smoking before you add your meat to your grill. Our top ‘chip’ is to lift the hood of your BBQ as little as possible whilst the chips are smoking, thus to allow the smoke to disperse around the chamber.  All that’s left to do is enjoy the mouth watering aromas and flavours that result from our Whisky Smoking Chips, and ignite your love for these divine new products. 

Check this top tip video on how to smoke with Whisky Chips here! 

We’re very excited to be launching these exclusive Smoking Wood Chips, and are sure you won't be disappointed with the deep and wonderful smell and flavours that these wood chips are capable of creating. We can’t wait to see the mouth watering masterpieces you create with our new product, so please make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook!