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Tear and share stuffed bread, accompanied by homemade watercress, leek and pea soup!

Baking on a BBQ?! Yes you heard that right! There is virtually no limit as to what you can cook on the barbie. It just isn’t an Easter feast without freshly baked bread and homemade soup on the table, but it's even better when made out in the open! A simple yet delicious spring time favourite duo.

Learn the secret to baking on your grill with our mouthwatering tear and shared stuffed bread with fresh watercress soup recipe below

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Our top tips;

  1. For best results when baking, we recommend you keep the lid down. Opening the lid during your bake will most likely result in heat and moisture loss which will allow the bread to collapse. 


  1. Treat your grill like a normal oven. When baking, temperature requirements are very specific so make sure your grill is at perfect temperature before you start cooking, as adding the bread before you have the correct temperature will risk it collapsing. Make sure to set your BBQ up for an indirect heat! 


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