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Our 'essential outdoor kitchen appliances' guide 

When customers are creating outdoor kitchens, we often get asked, 'What are the most important outdoor kitchen appliances?'. Here's our advice...

First up, the obvious…A BBQ of course - the centrepiece of any outdoor kitchen! We recommend gas for convenience. 

A Fridge is a no brainer to us. Keeping your beverages, meat and sauces cool and close to hand is essential

A side burner - providing extra outdoor cooking space allows you to cook multiple things at once, ensuring nothing goes cold! A side burner is handy when boiling food, warming items, and creating side dishes!

Pizza oven - something you’ll never regret investing in. The perfect way to entertain guests whilst cooking! ??

Storage space - an important factor to consider if you want to keep all things outdoor cooking…outside. Storage units are usually in the form of drawers and doors

You can’t go wrong with a Sink! Again, investing in a sink is a good move if you’re looking to keep outdoor business outside. It allows you to wash up as well as have access to clean water whilst cooking. A win-win if you ask us! ??

Lastly, a cover to protect your kitchen is critical. Don’t let the harsh elements of this UK climate damage or wear your kitchen; you’ll be thankful for investing in a cover in years to come when it’s still in top shape!

We hope our advice helps when creating your own outdoor kitchen!