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Frequently asked questions at Whistler!

Should I cover my BBQ in Summer? 

We recommend you always cover your grill when not in use, even in Summer. A cover doesn’t just protect the product from harsh winter elements, but dust, dirt, sand, pollen and even animal poop! 

When using regularly, wiping your grill clean and closing the lid will suffice, but if you have a cover handy why not take the extra ten seconds to throw it on for extra protection. 

Whistler Grills covers are made from strong, shower resistance materials that allow your BBQ to breathe whilst covered and are available for all ranges! 

Do you need to clean a BBQ after every use? 

We suggest you give your BBQ a quick clean after every use purely to prevent the growth of mould from leftover food and grease, decreasing the risk of rust building up. However, its not essential to deep clean your grill on a regular basis. We recommend giving your BBQ a deep clean after a heavy period of use, for example after Summer, before you pack your BBQ away for Winter. As well as before you bring your grill back out for warmer months, here’s a guide as to how to prep your BBQ for Spring! 



Can I replace the griddle grate with a flat plate? 

Yes you can! Please contact for more information regarding this. We have replacement flat plates available for all ranges! Watch this video showing you how to swap a Griddle grate with a plate.           

Where can I find Whistler recipes? 

We have a wide range of delicious BBQ recipes on our website and Youtube channel

Do you sell accessories?

We have a range of accessories to purchase that help to elevate your BBQ and cooking! Check them out here 



Does my BBQ have a warranty? 

Most BBQ brands provide warranties for their products if they’re of high quality and relatively expensive. A warranty refers to the terms of which repairs, refunds, or exchanges will be made if the product does not function as originally described. The longer the warranty, usually the higher quality the product. 

Whistler Grills warranties can be found on their website. Manufactured from high grade materials such as 304 stainless steel and quality assured throughout every step, we confidently offer Limited Lifetime Warranties on most of our products!                                                         

Where can I purchase a Whistler? 

Because we are a wholesaler, we don’t sell directly to end customers. We do however, have many retailers that sell Whistler products across the whole of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Please find our stockist map for all online and in store retailers. You can find your closest retailer by adding your postcode to the map! 

How do I stock your products? 

If you are a business that retails premium outdoor products, and are interested in stocking Whistler Grills, please fill our form out in as much detail as possible. Once received and investigated, a member of our team will be in touch! Please refrain from emailing us to follow this up, we will be in touch regardless of the outcome! 

How do I contact you? 

Please find more of our frequently asked questions here before contacting us directly. If you are having trouble setting your Whistler product up, find damage upon receipt or would like to know any technical information, please contact your retailer in the first instance. 

All other general queries can be sent to Please note, if you contact us via customer support regarding a technical query, we will still require completion of the online form as advised above. You can also get in touch via our telephone service on 01793547896.