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How To Host A Wonderful Winter BBQ

Just because the weather drops, it doesn’t mean your Whistler Grill should go into hibernation! Our barbecues are expertly crafted with robust materials, using 304 stainless steel, so they are built to be used all year round. Why not impress your nearest and dearest with a wonderful winter barbecue they won’t forget? There are some extra steps you will need to take when hosting a winter barbecue to ensure you meat your guests’ expectations. 

Reposition the grill

During the colder months, a deterrent for guests is standing outside in the cold. It’s a good idea to reposition your barbecue closer to your home to allow guests, and yourself, less walking distance to the grill. Having the barbecue placed close to a back door or conservatory will provide a warm shelter for those not daring to man the barbecue, without guests having to miss out on the atmosphere and aromas of a freshly fired up grill. Our top tip is to position your grill perpendicular to the wind to make sure no unwanted smoke gets trapped in your home. 

Safety comes first at Whistler Grills so always remember to place your barbecue no closer than 3 feet from your home. 

Be prepared 

Take some time to prep before your winter barbecue is set to commence. Get the barbecue all fired up and ready to go before your guests are due to arrive. During the colder months, your barbecue may take a little longer to get going so be on hand with extra fuel and allow an additional 10 minutes heat up time.

To keep guests happy and reduce the length of time spent outside, prep whatever food you can before they arrive. No one likes to wait for grilled goodness once the scent of barbecue smoke is in the air. So make no miss-steaks, get meats seasoned, jacket potatoes in the oven and impress your guests with time-efficient grilling. 

Taking the time to prep before guests arrive means you can spend less time outside freezing and more time socialising and enjoying the atmospheric delight of a winter barbecue.

Wrap up warm 

Even though your barbecue will act as a heater whilst cooking, it’s still important to layer up. Wrapping up in layers will mean you protect yourself from the cold whilst being able to easily shed items if you get too warm. Gloves are an essential item especially for the chef! Fingerless gloves work wonders when working a barbecue and if you can get your hands on some heat resistant gloves, then even better!

Don’t brisket, warn guests to wrap up to avoid them getting too cold and put the flame out on the night. If you want to go that extra mile, amp up your hosting by providing an array of blankets for guests. 

Choose an appropriate menu 

We recommend cooking an array of food that doesn’t require cutlery when hosting a winter barbecue. No one wants to fight frostbite, having to get their bare hands out to tackle some cutlery, so serving finger food is the perfect option for winter months. Burgers, sausages and absolutely anything on skewers is perfect for al fresco dining in lower temperatures. 

Heat up the hot drinks 

Serving hot drinks to guests will keep them warm as well as satisfied whilst they wait for the grilled grub. Mulled wine or cider is a timeless winter warmer and will be sure to go down a treat. Why not get a boozy hot chocolate at the ready to put a festive take on a post dinner sweet treat. An all time favourite is a Baileys hot chocolate, add some whipped cream and marshmallows and prepare to wow guests with exemplary hosting.

Follow our top tips and you’re set to host a winter barbecue your guests won’t forget! When grills are designed to be used all year round, give them the respect they deserve and watch them work their magic through all seasons. Whoever said barbecues are only for summer mustn’t have had a Whistler Grill!