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How to host the ultimate BBQ this Bonfire Night!

We love bonfire night, it’s a great excuse to wrap up warm and watch the sky sparkles in shades of every colour. But, one thing we love to see our Whistler Grills customers lighting up more? Their barbecues, of course.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to bonfire night barbecuing, to show you how and why putting on an evening of fireworks and feasting for your guests will certainly make them remember, remember the 5th November. 

From safety to sausages, we’ve covered all bases when it comes to lighting up both the skies and your barbecues, to ensure you have the best bonfire night possible. 

It’s a time to wrap up

Bonfire night has, and will always, involve digging out your warmest coat, scarf, gloves, and hat to head outdoors. So, although the prospect of asking guests to spend a November evening feasting outside may sound daunting, just remember, they’ll likely have been planning on doing it anyway. Just be sure to check the weather forecast and plan your setup in advance. Put up a just-in-case shelter, like a gazebo or sail, and if you take outdoor dining seriously, invest in a bespoke outdoor kitchen, it’ll mean you can host an alfresco feast even on the worst weather days. 

You’ll miss the excitement inside

Whilst a dinner party may seem the way forward, it’s a guaranteed way for your guests to miss out on the action in the sky. Plus, dusting off the barbecue means you, the chef, can soak up the excitement outdoors too, instead of being stuck in the kitchen. 

It’s a way to stay warm

Doubling up as an oven and a heater, the barbecue will keep guests toasty and warm, as well as ensuring bellies are full. Use it as a centrepiece to a sociable evening, this way you won’t need to step a foot away from your food duties to enjoy a conversation with your guests - just don’t get carried away!

Planning is key

Planning on serving up fireworks as well as a feast? Be sure to plan your timings ahead. Get food out before the fireworks, so you can give your full and undivided attention to the safety of guests when it’s needed throughout the display. Plus, this way you’ll also ensure everyone takes in the full show feeling satisfied and full, rather than growing impatient and hangry. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to impress your guests with your cooking skills rather than a bespoke display of lights, look into nearby events and host a pre-display outdoor dinner. It’s the best of both worlds. Delicious food (instead of the dreary hot dogs you’d typically find at your local display), and a safe show of fireworks for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s (almost) mess and fuss-free

Dinner parties always mean dishes, dig the barbecue out and everything changes. Although you may need to clean your Whistler Grills barbecue when the night draws to a close, that could be just about all you’re cleaning if you serve burger buns with napkins, chilli in paper bowls with wooden forks, and kebabs on skewers and paper plates. 

It’s family-friendly fun

Bonfire night really is fun for the whole family, just add sparklers into the mix and everyone - from the youngest to the oldest - will be attempting to write their name mid-air. Ensure you’re serving up a feast to match your guest list, luckily, barbecue food is nearly always family-friendly. Burgers are a crowd-pleaser, (simply top them with caramelised red onions and smokey melted cheese for a bonfire night twist). When the main event is over and done too, little ones will love toasting marshmallows and adults can warm up with a hot toddy.

Safety first

When you’re playing with fire, there’s always slightly more risk assessing and planning to take into consideration. Ensure you’re working with an appropriate space (particularly if you’re setting off your own display), don’t get carried away with the guest list, follow the instructions on your fireworks, and where possible, always leave it to the professionals and attend an organised event.

Now you’ve got the planning down to a T, you’re looking for recipe inspiration. With a little help from our ambassadors, we’ve created the ultimate bonfire night recipes - you’ll find them here.