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How To Save Your BBQ From Winter Weather Wear And Tear 

Winter brings unforgiving harsh weather, as well as damage and destruction to our beloved gardens each year. Our premium barbecues are designed to impress and built to last, but even the most robust outdoor appliances need some TLC to keep them in their prime during the colder months. Whilst our barbecues are built to be used all year round, we know that even the biggest barbecue lovers are guilty of limited use during winter. We’ve compiled together our expert advice to bear in mind, so you can best protect the heart of your garden from winter weather this season. 

Clean Your Whistler Grill

Let’s start with the basics of premium barbecue maintenance, cleaning. Of course, we don’t need to remind you to clean your Whistler Grill after every use, but it’s even more important to give it a thorough clean with warm soapy water before packing it away for the colder months. Leaving remnants of grease or food is what mould thrives on, so making sure you clean inside and out properly to eradicate traces of food before packing your barbecue away, is essential.

We recommend you start with using our Polish Cleaner and Power Cleaner. The Polish Cleaner is formulated to remove surface corrosion and oxidisation to store brilliant high gloss, premium shine and lustre. The Power Cleaner dissolves fats, proteins and starches quickly and effectively. Alternatively we suggest you could use a microfiber cloth and non-abrasive, all purpose power cream cleaner to gently clean the outside of your barbecue. Make sure you run with the grain of the steel to avoid creating scratches. Top tip: avoid using cream cleaner on the dials as this can remove lettering! Once you’ve cleaned your barbecue with a non-abrasive cleaner, you should use a new, clean, wet microfiber cloth to wash off the remaining cleaner to prep for the next step. 

Give Your BBQ A Coat Of Protection

Now that you’ve cleaned your Whistler Grill, we recommend giving the stainless steel an extra coat of protection from winter elements by gently rubbing our 3in1 Cleaner with a soft microfibre cloth, to give your barbecue the prestige premium treatment it deserves. Adding a coating of this will give that extra layer of protection during the winter months. 

If you have any further queries about how to clean your Whistler Grill, browse our website.

Cover Your BBQ With A Premium Cover 

Wrap your beloved Whistler Grill in a quilt of premium protection and ignite your barbecue’s love for you once again. Rest easy knowing your Whistler Grill has the right layer of protection to battle the elements this winter. We recommend a high quality barbecue cover that you can rely on year after year. Our premium barbecue covers are beautifully crafted with resilient and breathable materials to give your grill a perfect layer of protection during these colder months. However, we still recommend airing your BBQ from time to time by removing the cover for a short period of time during the winter months to avoid the collection of moisture. High quality covers are included when purchasing from the Burford or Bibury range, you can get your hands on these premium covers in our Whistler accessory range! 

For Maximum Shelter Move Your Whistler Grill Indoors

If you really want to show your Whistler Grill some TLC this winter, we suggest you move it indoors. Just make sure you’ve turned it off before bringing it inside, we do love to grill allsorts here at Whistler Grills, but barbecuing home furniture is where we draw the line! 

Although we recommend doing all of the above, our Whistler Grill barbecues are crafted from the very best stainless steel and really are built to be used all year round. Why not impress your loved ones with a winter barbecue, the grill will double up as an oven and heater and keep guests toasty and warm. Just make sure you follow the above steps to keep the love going between you and your Whistler Grill and ensure your BBQ’s spark doesn’t go out for you during the winter months!