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How To Winterise Your Outdoor Kitchen 

Now that the weather has turned and winter is on it's way, we recommend you prepare your outdoor kitchen for the colder climate we’re a little too used to here in the UK. Although Whistler products are made from high grade stainless steel and are designed to be used all year round, extreme weather is no stranger to us, and unless you’re a hardcore griller, barbecuing in arctic temperatures is probably not for you.

Prepping and protecting your investment for winter is highly advised, in order for you to get the most out of your grill for years to come. Giving your barbecue some TLC as the colder weather approaches, will benefit you and your grill long term. Whether you have a freestanding BBQ, or a full outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to winterise it!  

Deep Clean Your Whistler

First things first, a deep clean is needed! The last thing you want is to leave food, grime and other remnants of a good grill up festering in your barbecue all winter, and having to deal with the damage in Spring. Once you’ve disposed of unwanted remains, it’s time to put some elbow grease in! 

Did you know we have our very own cleaning products? We’ve designed the ultimate range of Whistler cleaning products to make it easier than ever to get your outdoor kitchen squeaky clean. Our stainless steel power cleaner is the goat of cleaning products! This super spray effortlessly dissolves stubborn fats, proteins and starches quickly and effectively. 

We recommend using a microfiber cloth and our non-abrasive, all purpose power cleaner to gently clean the exterior of your barbecue. Make sure you run with the grain of the steel to avoid creating scratches. 

Regarding the cleaning of the inside of the grill, our top tip is to heat the BBQ up for 5 minutes and scrape away all the excess food on tge grates with a bristle brush.The heat from the BBQ also heats and melts the fat in the drip tray slightly, making it easier for you to scrub and wash off.

Carefully take the components within the BBQ apart and out, be careful they aren't too hot. You can give these parts a good scrub with a brush and degreaser spray to remove any stubborn grime and dirt, this is where the elbow grease comes into play! Hot soapy water also proves popular when trying to remove grease. 

We then suggest you thoroughly rinse the grill chamber out with cold water. Once you have cleaned every part of your Whistler, turn it on for roughly 10-15 minutes, to eliminate any remaining water and cleaning products. 

If you have an outdoor kitchen, clean the rest of the units with our 3in1 spray. Empty your outdoor fridge and cupboards, and dispose of any perishable items. Make sure to pay special attention to your sink when cleaning, as small, stubborn bits of food love to get trapped in there which can lead to a rather unwelcome surprise if left.  

Smother With A Coat Of Protection

The next step is to thinly coat the BBQ in polish, adding an extra layer of protection! Our very own stainless steel polish cleanser works hard to remove surface corrosion and oxidation to restore brilliant high gloss, premium shine and lustre. Incorporate this easy yet effective cleanser to your cleaning steps to keep your barbecue in the best possible condition. 

Drain Water Lines

If you have a sink within your outdoor kitchen, draining the water lines attached to the sink will prevent them from freezing in cold temperatures and causing internal damage. Start by turning off the water valves located under the sink and make sure you get rid of all the water within, this iliminates water freezing within and expanding. Pour antifreeze through the water lines so when the dreaded weather does come, you’ll rest assured that your grill is covered. 

We've Got You Covered!

Now that your grill is prepped and cleaned for winter, the last step of winterising your outdoor kitchen is to arm your grill from the elements with a sturdy cover. We recommend investing in a high quality barbecue cover that will allow you to rest easy knowing your grill is covered...quite literally! Our premium barbecue covers are well crafted with strong, weather proof materials that give Whistler BBQ's a perfect layer of protection, whilst allowing it to breathe during these colder months. Did you know we offer free premium covers with our Burford and Bibury range?

Of course we’re not saying that your barbecues need to go into hibernation when the colder weather hits, they are built to be used all year round, but if it's unlikely you’ll use your grill over winter, whats the harm in storing it inside and undercover, for a little extra protection. 

Preparing for the weather means your most prized garden possession is protected from anything this British weather wants to throw at us. If you do want to show off how resilient your Whistler is, why not host a winter barbecue, the grill will double up as an oven and heater, as well as keeping guests toasty and warm all evening - just don’t forget plenty of blankets!