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Top tips to get your Whistler squeaky clean!

Warmer weather is upon us, meaning one thing…barbecue season is almost here (although we believe BBQ season is all year round!). If the unexpected storms and countless rainy days have meant you’ve not been able to use your Whistler Grill as much as you’d have liked so far this year, then wait no longer as summer is just around the corner. Why not dust off the garden furniture, freshen up the lawn and get ready to fire up your Whistler Grill when the first heatwave of the year hits! 

Although our Whistler Grills are built to be used all year round, unless you’re a rain fanatic or a hardcore griller, your barbecue has probably been hidden away for the past few months. Before you’re ready to host a smokin’ hot summer barbecue, there are some steps you should take to get your Whistler back in top grilling condition. So, get into the garden, peel back that coverl and let’s get cleaning!

Safety First 

We take barbecue safety very seriously here at Whistler Grills, so we’re starting off with the most important step. When you love barbecue’s as much as we do, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they are filled with fire and can be dangerous machines. First things first, check your hose for any damage, kinks or build ups of debris. Thoroughly check the hose from your propane to your burners, making sure it’s intact. If there’s any build-up on the hose, make sure to clean it off before firing up your grill. If you notice any holes or tears, or if it’s just not looking up to scratch, it is definitely worth the few coins to just replace it. 

Let’s Get Cleaning 

You wouldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen so why cook on a dirty barbecue? Don’t slack on the cleaning of your barbecue - unless you like your T-bones with a hint of dirt!! To help get your Whistler back to looking as good as new, we have brought a brand new range of Whistler cleaning products out! Our range includes; 

Stainless Steel Power Cleaner 

This stainless steel power cleaner is the superhero of cleaning products. This super spray effortlessly dissolves stubborn fats, proteins and starches quickly and effectively. This product is also suitable for all other water-resistant surfaces, glass, ceramic, granite, marble, and plastic. Try it yourself and prepare to be wowed at the results. 

Stainless Steel Polish Cleaner 

Our stainless steel polish cleanser works hard to remove surface corrosion and oxidisation to restore brilliant high gloss, premium shine and lustre. Add this easy yet effective cleanser to your cleaning steps to add another layer of protection to the stainless steel. This cleanser should be an essential part of every griller’s cleaning routine. 

Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Cleaner 

The 3 in 1 cleaner has been specially developed to clean and shine and protect stainless steel surfaces in just one easy step, leaving a streak free coated shine. This sensational spray effortlessly removes all dirt such as oil, grease and fingerprints, making the surface of your barbecue look brand new again whilst adding a layer of protection. This 3 in 1 spray works in line with the power cleaning spray, acting as a conditioner. 

Our bespoke cleaning range has been designed in line with all of your barbecue’s needs, whilst of course being food safe. You can use our cleaning products separately or one after the other as a super strength cleaning trio! The cleaning range is available to purchase separately or as a bundle. You can find all of our cleaning products in the majority of our stockists. We hope these products help get your barbecue back to its prime so you can enjoy a luxurious barbecue, and host many superb summer parties!