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A recap of our 2023 BBQ recipes, Whistler chef style!

As we near the end of the year, we look back on all the delicious BBQ recipes our Whistler chef has sizzled up! We asked Andy which recipes he enjoyed making the most and why, here's what he said! 

I've never been disapointed with a dish that is cooked on my Whistler Bibury 5 gas BBQ, however I have got a favourites and there's always a reason why! In no particular order, my favoruite recipes are as follows; 

The leftover Lamb and Veggie Pie has to be up there due being such a hassle free leftover meal. I used the leftover Lamb and vegetables from a Sunday roast so rustle up this dish, saving me both time and money, not to mention it’s delicious! 

Another favourite of mine has to be the Beef Wellington! A showstopper around the festive period, but also a very unexpected dish to work so well on a barbecue. Watch your guests’ reactions when you pull this off the grill! 

An all round party pleaser is the Stuffed Tear and Share Loaf! This is a delicious and easy addition to any meal. I paired it with a winter warming homemade soup! 

My all time favourite dessert is Baked Pears in Marsala wine. The only thing that can top it, is when it's cooked on the barbie, exaggerating those mouth-watering flavours even more! Who knew you could bake on a BBQ?! 

We host a lot of gatherings in our household, from sit down dinner parties to large summer gatherings outside, so we always try and cook something that can serve a crowd, is relatively simple to make, but also something that looks like we’ve put a lot of effort in ha. With that said, the ultimate recipe that ticks all of these boxes is the Chicken Shawarma with homemade flatbreads. Your guests will be back for more after trying this dish! 

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