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Now We’re Cooking (With Gas!)

Following the recent news that electricity prices are set to soar in the coming months, we’ve decided it’s time we share our insider tips for cooking up a budget friendly barbecue that can mean you save money when feeding the family this way. Barbecues are not only a great way to bring family and friends together but can actually be a cheaper way to cook for a large group nowadays. Once firing up your Whistler Grill in line with the use of our accessories, the possibilities are endless!

The Forever Evolving BBQ

For the last two decades, we’ve been busy cultivating a bespoke range of barbecuing accessories to make it possible for you to cook not just meat, but all sorts on your Whistler Grill. And boy do we mean all sorts!

We’ve got everything to offer here at Whistler Grills to make it possible for you to reach your wildest BBQing dreams. Fancy slapping up a full English without making a mess in the kitchen? Baking a cake, relaxing outside in the sun? We’ve got you covered! We think it’s about time we show off and educate you on our impressive range of accessories that will ultimately allow you to barbecue absolutely everything this summer!

Revolutionary Rotisseries

For gorgeous grilled goods with less grease, look no further. Our rotisserie is the perfect accessory for a hardcore griller that’s watching their waistline this summer, or just making way for extra beers. Rotisseries offer the advantages of direct roasting meat whilst allowing excess fat and grease to drain off during the rotation process - a truly revolutionary way of cooking.

Using a rotisserie is great for cooking up big batches of meat. Why not barbecue a hefty slab of meat to enjoy at the weekend, that will provide the family with mouthwatering leftovers to carry them through the week. This being one way to save on money, but certainly not compromising on taste!

This lean meat machine makes for an effortless yet delicious grill up, only requiring your attention to turn every now and then. So, grab a beer - or five - and let the grill do the work. Did you know our Bibury and Burford 5 models come with free rotisseries?!

Glorious Griddle Plates

Introduce a griddle plate to your grill and watch your barbecuing game be taken to a whole new level. Made from 304 stainless steel, our premium flat griddle plates replace the griddle grates, creating a versatile flat cooking surface for you to cook those items that you’re unable to, using the griddle grates, such as eggs and bacon! This bespoke accessory truly means your barbecuing opportunities are endless. There’s no need for oven assistance when cooking up an al fresco meal - simply use your griddle plates to cook all the barbecue sides you can think of.

We love putting an Aussie twist on a full English by cooking the lot on the barbie with these easy to manage griddle plates.

I bet you didn’t know you could also bake on your barbecue?! By using our griddle plates, you no longer have to restrict your baking to the kitchen. Take baking to your outdoor kitchen and experience the true essence of a cake baked alfresco style. Why not try cooking our delightful Chocco Potto Muffins - all at the hands of your barbecue.Our griddle plates are suitable for our Bibury and Burford models.

Sensational Smoker Box

Never tire of barbecued goods with our versatile smoker box. Simply fill your smoker box with flavoursome wood chips and experience a variety of indulgent aromas and tastes. The smoker box sits alongside the cooking grates and allows you to add delicious smoky flavours to your food that you just can’t get through any other means. With an array of mouthwatering flavoured wood chips, you’ll never grow tired of barbecued delights. We have recently introduced our premium whisky wood smoking chips to our collection and we just can’t get enough of the unique smokey taste these wood chips bring! Try using our whisky wood chips to create an authentic whisky taste to your food. Our smoker box is suitable for Whistler Bibury and Burford models and can also sit within the Cirencester models, just above grates.

Top Tips For Barbecuing On A Budget

We know you probably don’t need any more reasons to use your Whistler Grill if you love barbecuing as much as we do. But in any case, did you know barbecuing can actually be a great way to cut costs when cooking? Of course, you first need to buy the basics to get your barbecue running - gas bottles can be quite expensive - but once you’re fully equipped it really does mean you’ll cut costs within your indoor kitchen. Here’s our top 5 tips when creating a budget friendly gourmet barbecue.

1. Invest in a high quality grill

Our Whistler Grill barbecues are expertly crafted with robust stainless steel and are built to last you a lifetime. Once you’ve invested in your Whistler Grill, you can have peace of mind that you’ve got a premium grill that won’t require you to fork out extra cash after heavy use!

2. Befriend the butcher

Shopping at your local butchers doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Pop in for a chat and get the latest on any deals they’re offering. Having an expert’s opinion on what meats are cheap yet tasty can make all the difference when barbecuing on a budget.

3. Pimp up your meat

Creating gourmet style dishes doesn’t have to break the bank. Pimp your meat by experimenting with your own unique twists. We’re not just talking about marinating your chicken, get creative and create culinary masterpieces that will wow your guests. Our personal favourite are cheesy stuffed burgers. Stuffing cheese inside your burger patties before grilling will be sure

to elevate your BBQ game - try it for yourself if you don’t believe us! Check our tasty whistle-stop recipes out here for some delicious inspo!

4. Don’t skip the veggies

Creating mouth wateringly good veggie dishes means that you can enjoy more barbecued goodness for less. Vegetables are considerably cheaper than meat, therefore can be a good idea to bulk out your barbecue with delicious veggie dishes when trying to keep costs low. With our bespoke range of accessories and a little culinary skill, you can create tasty veggie dishes that even the most stubborn carnivores won’t be able to resist.

5. Blow guests away with al fresco dessert

Who said desserts need to be made indoors? With our versatile accessories, it’s easier than ever to cook up a sweet treat on the barbecue and end the party with a bang! Cook up an al fresco desert they for sure won’t forget. Why not give our Chocco Potto Muffins a go for practice!

We can’t wait to see what budget friendly barbecues you create this grilling season. As always, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to tag us in your culinary concoctions!