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A Summer BBQ, Fit For A Queen! 

Here at Whistler Grills we love the finer things in life, and if you’ve already got your very own Whistler Grill we’re guessing you do too. What better way to add a touch of luxury to your summer than with a luxurious barbecue fit for a queen. Grilling doesn’t just mean greasy burgers and finger food, it’s all about those special added touches that take your garden party from just another barbecue, to one guests won’t ever forget! With a little planning and our expert garden party tips, you can create a five star summer barbecue and make memories to last a lifetime. 

Shopping List Plan 

Nothing elevates your barbecuing more than saying goodbye to shop bought burgers and saying hello to a wide variety of gourmet foods. Think about your guests and what they’ll be expecting - then do even better. This doesn’t have to break the bank - befriend your local butcher to see what deals they have and get an expert's opinion on how you can pimp up cheaper cuts of meat. 

As the number of people trying to cut down on their meat consumption is rapidly increasing, it’s a great idea to include a variety of veggie dishes. Not only can you impress guests with your culinary skills, but with veggies being considerably cheaper than meat, it’s a great way to save a few pounds that can be spent elsewhere!

Preparation Is Key 

Preparation goes a long way when it comes to hosting a smoking hot summer barbecue. Aim to prep all your food before guests arrive. We don’t just mean marinating chicken overnight - that’s of course a must - but chopping veggies, creating side dishes and adding your own unique touches to your meats will make you well prepared for the big day. 

Take your garden party to the next level by planning some entertainment. This could be just putting together a playlist with all your guests favorites, or get some card games ready for peoples arrival. You’ll be less stressed knowing everything is all ready to go!

Get The Drinks Flowing 

What better way to get the party going than with an extensive selection of budget friendly, but luxurious, drinks. Cocktails and mocktails can go a long way to make guests feel special, and it doesn’t even have to break the bank. There are an abundance of popular cocktails recipes online, so choose a variety and head to the shops for the staple ingredients. With some planning, you can even become the entertainment itself, the mixologist of the party! Alternatively, you could create a cocktail bar and allow guests to make their own. Cocktail making has made its mark on the social calendars in recent years and can be a really fun way to occupy guests whilst the grilling is underway. Why not add that extra special touch to your cocktail bar with personalized printed menus. 

Even British Weather Can’t Ruin Our Fun

We all know too well how unpredictable the British summer time can be. Make sure you’re ready for all conditions with plenty of shelter and blankets on hand to keep guests warm. Don’t be fooled by the sun, these sunny days can often turn into nippy nights when the sun sets. Having blankets handy will make your guests feel well looked after. 

Squeaky Clean Grilling 

You wouldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen so don’t cook on a dirty barbecue. Keeping on top of your cleaning can give your grill that 5 star touch. Our barbecues are made from robust stainless steel to allow you to keep grilling with class, so don’t let this go to waste by allowing excess food to harden on your grill. Check out our bespoke cleaning products, expertly crafted to suit your Whistler Grill’s needs. This should be done in preparation for a gathering, as well as after!