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We bet you didn’t know you could ‘bake’ on your BBQ?

There’s no need to be cooped up inside cooking from a stuffy kitchen when you can take advantage of your outdooroven and fresh summer air! 

Your BBQ is essentially an extension of an indoor kitchen. It does exactly the same job as your indoor oven does, so anything you bake in your inside such as pies, pizza, bread, cake, can be baked on your barbecue. 

The only differences are: 

  • The lovely outdoors and fresh air experienced when cooking on the BBQ...bliss!
  • Indirect heat is used when baking on the barbie. This means avoid using the direct burner below the item of food and instead using the surrounding ones. 

Always follow the indirect heat method and you can’t go wrong. 

Enjoy our baking recipes below! Trust us, you’ll never want to cook inside again!

A Lamb and Veggie Pie 

Freshly baked stuffed bread 

Beef Wellington

Nut Roast