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Cooking Christmas dinner on the BBQ! 

If you haven’t yet given a Christmas dinner on the barbecue a go, then you’re seriously missing out! It will be your best yet and no doubt a new tradition, it’s one of our best kept secrets to perfecting Christmas dinner! 

Not only will this Christmas hack save you time and oven space on the big day but will take your turkey game (and other divine dishes) to a whole new level! 

We have a heap of recipe recommendations and top tips for you, so keep reading to take your festive feasts to a whole new level! 

Festive recipe recommendations 

Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s nothing better to kick start it than with some of our favourite festive recipes, guaranteed to impress guests and spread the Christmas cheer. From a mouth-watering Turkey Crown, a showstopping Nut Roast and a Beef Wellington like no other, to a festive special Poached Pear dessert, these recipes really will get you into the Christmas spirit!

Baked on the barbie (yes you heard us correctly) Beef Wellington 

The full monty - A Turkey Crown Christmas lunch 

There’s always a veggie option - A Chestnut & Cranberry Nut Roast! 

Room for more? Poached Pear festive dessert 

Top tips from us!

Give yourself time to prep – just like cooking inside, you need plenty of time to prep your ingredients and make sure the BBQ is pre-heated to piping hot! 

Make use of the space! Side burners are another source of heat and come in very handy when cooking more than one item at a time. You can boil veggies, sear meat, or keep dishes hot using the side burner! 

Another underrated space within a barbecue are the burners directly below the rotisserie. Whilst the rotisserie meat is turning, succulent juices drip off. What better place to cook your veggies or roasties to add delicious flavours. Trust us, you don’t want these to go to waste!  

The warming rack allows you to keep items hot whilst the others are still cooking – make good use of this, there’s nothing worse than a cold Christmas dinner! 

A barbecue is essentially an oven, all but a better one! This cooking method is proven to be more efficient than a normal indoor oven, alongside creating more flavoursome dishes. We all know the pressure of cooking for a crowd on the big day, save space inside by cooking outside…it’s a no brainer for us!