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Which Whistler range is right for me? 

Whistler Grills offer a luxurious range of freestanding gas barbecues, integrated built in grills and units, outdoor modular kitchens and a variety of accessories to match. With such a wide collection of stunning barbecues, it can be overwhelming choosing which range is right for you

Are you a couple looking to sizzle up some memories, or a family wanting to impress your guests for years to come?! Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered! Each of our barbecues are tailored to suit different needs. Below, is an in depth guide to help you choose which Whistler is right for you, from burners and cooking space, to building your very own kitchen! 

Freestanding BBQs

If you’re looking for a high quality freestanding BBQ, keep reading! This range caters for all types of barbecuers in one way or another, from novice to pro, as well as covering a range of price points to suit any budget. From our best selling Bibury grills to our Cirencesters, we don’t compromise on performance or quality! 


Firstly, our bibury range is top of the freestanding range, manufactured from 304 stainless steel throughout and featuring an impressive LED light control panel, these are not just your standard barbecue’s. Impressive in every way possible, they offer a large cooking surface for creative cooking, and even includes a rotisserie to encourage some culinary development for the most rookie grillers! 

This range offers three different sized models to suit all needs; the 3, 4 and 5 burner. The Bibury 3 is the smallest out of the range, offering a compact barbecue with built in 304 stainless steel cooking grates, a covered sear burner, rotisserie and a total 69,000 BTUs cooking power all within it’s affordable price. The Bibury 3 is the perfect option for a smaller family or couple looking for a high quality, efficient barbecue.

Still in a compact size with slightly more power, the Bibury 4 model offers a higher cooking power of 84,000. This model is perfect for a family gathering, whilst also being suitable for commercial use. If you’re not sure how much power you're looking for, going for the middle option is always a great idea. At least that’s what they say on the quiz shows, right? But seriously, the Bibury 4 results will certainly impress no matter how many you’re cooking for. 

The Bibury 5 is the flagship of the Whistler portfolio. A larger and more powerful grill than the latter, the Bibury 5 boasts an impressive 99,000 BTU cooking power. With its almighty 5 burners, 304 stainless steel cooking grate, rotisserie, smoker box and built in side tables, this model is the perfect choice for larger gatherings and commercial use with its powerful and larger cooking area. 

Maybe you’re a rookie barbecuer and need something compact to spark your love of grilling? Maybe you’re already a pro and just want an efficient and compact grill to always be at arms reach? The Bibury’s are for you if you’re looking for a fool proof way to host some smoking hot barbecues for years to come!


The Cirencester range is the go to when it comes to gas barbecues. The freestanding Cirencester 4 and 6 burners are both well established models that have been recently modernised to keep them right up to date in the ever changing BBQ market, whilst also offering more than any freestanding gas barbecues you’ve seen before. 

These grills are extremely adaptable, and are packed with many impressive features including a dazzling 430 stainless steel exterior, 4-6 tubular stainless steel burners, a ceramic infrared back burner, spacious side shelves and generous storage compartments. What more can you ask for from a freestanding barbecue?

In case you need a little more encouragement, both the Cirencester 4 and 6 can be used as a stand alone BBQ or as the centrepiece of the Cirencester Outdoor Modular Kitchen (see below). Meaning if you’d like to expand your outdoor kitchen and add units such as a fridge or sink at a later date, it has never been easier than with this range.

Convenient and aesthetic with an almighty cooking power, our Cirencester models are a great option for an avid barbecuer looking for an adaptable grill without breaking the bank. Can you see yourself falling in love with barbecuing? Are you hoping to expand your outdoor dining space in the future? Then this range is the right one for you. These adaptable and convenient barbecues make for a hassle free grill up, for both large family gatherings and commercial use. 

Modular Kitchens

The Whistler Cirencester Modular System is designed to allow you to create your very own bespoke outdoor kitchen, personally tailored to suit your home and budget. Take alfresco dining to the next level with the total grilling package. Design your kitchen exactly how you’d like it. With a broad range of stainless steel modular units available, from BBQ’s, sinks, fridges, drawers and doors to gas storage units, the combination possibilities are simply endless! 

Pick from two of Whistlers finest BBQ’s, the Cirencester 4 or 6, to kickstart the build of your outdoor kitchen. Offering endless combinations and a plethora of storage space, choose from a wide range of different units to build your very own bespoke stainless steel kitchen, with your home and outdoor space in mind. If you already have a burning desire to expand and customise your outdoor dining area, then the Cirencester Modular Kitchen is for you! 

This range is the perfect option for a family looking to amp up their barbecuing whilst adding a stunning centrepiece to their garden. The Cirencester range will be sure to add a touch of luxury and class to your outdoor space whilst offering an effortless grill up all year round.

Built-in Range 

Our built-in collection comprises of three premium BBQ heads, complemented by a variety of built-in drawers, doors, bins and side burners to match. These premium BBQ heads allow you to craft your bespoke outdoor kitchen around them with a variety of add ons that will transform outdoor cooking as you know it. 

The Burford built-in BBQ’s are offered in three different sizes to suit all outdoor spaces, and are premium in every aspect. Choose from the Burford 3, 4 or 5 to suit your preferences. The comparisons are slight, with the main difference being the number of burners. The Burford 3 has 3 burners, Burford 4 has 4 and Burford 5 boasts an impressive 5. The more burners means the bigger the cooking area and therefore the more food you’re able to cook at once, so bear in mind how many guests you’ll be mostly catering for when choosing your Burford built-in BBQ!  

With dazzling LED control panels and halogen cooking surface lights, these models are great for those who don’t adhere to typical BBQ weather and enjoy al fresco dining no matter the time or season. Perhaps our most adaptable range, the stunning Burford BBQ heads will form the centrepiece of your custom outdoor kitchen. Just choose your units, from storage compartments, side burners and even built in bins, and watch your outdoor kitchen come to life. We recommend this range to those looking to create a luxurious outdoor dining space that can be enjoyed by many guests throughout the seasons for years to come. 

Pre Built Kitchens

Finally, if you’re looking for a hassle free way to enjoy luxurious outdoor cooking, but don’t want to stress over the layout, we’ve designed a range of stunning pre-built kitchens that are sure to impress. Our pre-built collection comprises 5 models. Choose from; The Blockley, The Lechlade, The Malmesbury, The Malborough or The Oaksey, all of which are different shapes and sizes to suit as many outdoor layouts as possible. Please note, these kitchens come with the option of the Cirencester 4 or 6 BBQ as the centrepiece. 

The Blockley is made up of the Cirencester 4 or 6 BBQ, Gas Bottle Cabinet, Double Door Fridge.

The Lechlade is made up of Triple Drawers, Cirencester 4 or 6 BBQ, Gas Bottle Cabinet, Sink, Double Door Fridge. 

The Malmesbury is made up of a Double Door Fridge, 90 Degree Corner Unit, Triple Drawers, Cirencester 4 or 6 BBQ, Gas Bottle Cabinet, Double Doors, 90 Degree Corner Unit, Sink.

The Marlborough is made up of Cirencester 4 or 6, Gas Bottle Cabinet, 90 degree corner unit, Sink, Double Door Fridge.

The Oaksey is made up of the Cirencester 4 or 6 BBQ, Gas Bottle Cabinet, Sink, Double Door Fridge. 

Our pre-built models are a great option for larger families looking for a quick and easy route into luxurious barbecuing, who have the space in their garden to take on these mammoth grilling machines. 

This range also allows you to add and/or remove units as you wish, boasting flexibility to another level. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we have something for everyone here at Whistler Grills. You can discover more and see just how impressive the full Whistler portfolio is by browsing our catalogue. Why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook for some inspo, finding out how we customise our own outdoor kitchens.