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How and why we use Rotisseries

Rotisserie cooking is a fantastic way to try your hand at something new. Here’s how and why rotisserie cooking is the new go to barbecue tool…

HOW to use a rotisserie

It’s simple! The rotisserie does all the work, sit back and drool over what’s to come!

Rotisserie is a style of roasting, where joints of meat are skwered on a long slowly rotating spit, allowing the meat to cook evenly at the same temperature throughout. A typical rotisserie cook involves large joints of meat, or in some cases entire animals! 

Here at Whistler, most of our barbecues come with a rotisserie inlcuded, but they are also available to purchase as an accessory! We recommend the following steps to get your rotisserie fired up:

  • Remove the lock nut off the bar and take the prong closest, off. 
  • Place the meat on to the bar, holding it in place between both prongs (place the one you took off, back on) then lock the prongs. 
  • Place the lock nut back onto the bar and engage the bar into the rotisserie motor, before switching the motor on. This turns the rotisserie automatically.
  • Switch on the rear burner and shut the lid. 

Please note the warming rack will need to be removed when using the rotisserie. 

You can find visual instructions here (skip to 1:18 minutes) 

If you don’t already have a Whistler grill or rotisserie, here are some general rotisserie tips;  

It’s all about balance! 

To result in an even cook, be sure to keep your food as equal sized as possible so the cooking time is consistent. If your cooking a full animal, or a large piece of meat, we recommend you look for a heavy-duty rotisserie kit! You can find universal rotisseries out there that fit most BBQ brands, 

Is a rear burner essential for rotisserie cooking? 

If your BBQ has a rear burner, then win win! We suggest you use it during the cook, however if you don’t then you can still manage by using the burners below. 

Picking the right one

We of course believe you can’t go wrong with a high-quality Whistler Grill Rotisserie, but we may be a little bias… 

When searching, look for a quality motor that allows the meat to turn at a constant even speed. This is an essential to hold the natural juices in. A heavy-duty rotisserie may cost a little more than usual, but its certainly worth the investment. A heavy-duty bar allows you to cook full animals and heavy joints without the bar bowing in the middle, which may cause an uneven cook! 

Should you close the lid when using a rotisserie? 

You should keep the BBQ hood closed as much as possible to keep the maximum heat in.


WHY use a rotisserie 

If you’re looking for a new and exciting dimension to barbecuing, whether a beginner or pro, a rotisserie kit is for you! The benefits are quite simply endless; 


As long as your BBQ allows a rotisserie attachment, this cooking method is super easy, minimal effort is needed yet always provides perfect results! With a horizontal cooking method, the rotisserie ensures a constant even cook as it rotates through the process. Check on your food a few times of course, but in general this method doesn’t require much work. 


In addition to the ease of a rotisserie, another major advantage is that it allows the excess fat and grease to drain off during the rotation process, providing you with a healthier meal. The natural juices and water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B3, B6 etc are locked into the meat, allowing you to get more health and less cholesterol out of the meat! The constant rotation action seals all these natural juices in, resulting in a juicy and tender meal. 

Top tip: Maximise the health benefits of rotisserie cooking by choosing a leaner meat, we recommend Turkey or Chicken. 

Even cooking

The slow rotation process of the rotisserie method ensures the correct amount of heat is supplied to the meat, allowing it to evenly brown throughout, with no burning!

The perfect finish! 

This specific cooking method melts the fat, resulting in a delicious crispy exterior whilst succulent and tender inside. Watch here! 

If we’ve successfully convinced you that rotisserie cooking really is the way forward, then why not test it out with one of our recipes;